Mark Vs.

A new community segment brought to you by Mark Gulla. In Mark Vs., Mark goes head to head with local businesses, friends, family for some fun competition.

Episode One: Mark Vs. Andy Selby of Bowsers  

In the inaugural episode of Mark Vs., Mark takes on Andy Selby of Bowser’s in the sandwich making realm.

Episode 2: Mark Vs. SCS United 09 Soccer team

In the second episode of Mark Vs., Mark puts his soccer skills to the test against some of the team members of SCS United.

Episode 3: Mark Vs. The Nicastro Bros

Mark Vs. goes to Sheffield Lanes in Aliquippa where Mark goes head to head against his longtime friends The Nicastro Brothers.

Mark Vs. at Sheffield Lanes Mark Vs the Nicastro Brothers

Mark Vs. The Nicastro Bros - Excuses Mark Vs. The Nicastro Bros - The Score Tells It All

Episode 4: Mark Vs. Ben Snowden

BBQ bragging rights are on the line when Mark goes up against Ben Snowden of Real Producers PGH Magazine in the ultimate smoked meat competition.

Mark Vs. Ben Snowden - Smoked Meats Mark Vs. - Smoked Meats


Episode 5: Mark Vs. Marc Grandinetti

A friendly competition on the links at Blackhawk Golf Course, Mark challenges Marc to 3 holes while introducing Marc’s wine import business, Sulmona Imports, a proud importer of wine from Southern Italy, the Mezzogiorno, which includes the regions of Abruzzo to the tip of the boot, Calabria. This is the area where most Italians immigrated from before making the perilous journey across an ocean to the United States of America.